Houses are getting bigger and bigger. It’s a vicious circle, because it’s hard to find new construction of small houses. Since most of the value of any house is the land on which it sits, but the prices still increase dramatically with the addition of bedrooms, builders want to build and sell ever-bigger houses. And hey, I don’t know if you’ve heard, but you can borrow an insane amount of money for a home with zero down and no documentation. Just raise your right hand and solemnly swear that you’ll try to make your payments…

I did the math on square feet per person, dividing the average new house size by the average household size:

1970 - 446
1980 - 630
1990 - 791
2004 - 896
Mine - 360

I’m glad that we aren’t contributing to the McMansionization of America. Of course, by the time all three of my kids move out, this house will be “too big” for just two of us, but I guess we’ll deal with that then. I’ve got a decade or so.